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Chris Lambert Tattoo x Dr. Martens

October, 2020

OK, this was a little while ago now, but time has no real meaning at the moment, so I thought I’d post about it now!

Images courtesy of Dr. Martens

Back in the mists of time (summer 2018) Dr. Martens released their Tattoo Collection. They asked three artists from across the world, including me, to design a pair of classic 1460 Docs. The other two artists were Grez, who works at the Manhattan studio of Kings Avenue Tattoo in New York, and OT who owns and tattoos at his own OT Studio in Tokyo, Japan. All three of us have a deep and true love of traditional tattooing in our own styles, which lend themselves really well to artwork on timeless footwear design.

Over the years, I’ve owned many pairs of Docs, so it was a real honour to be asked to create these unique, limited edition 1460 boots. Like having old school tattoos, wearing Docs is something of a statement, of belonging to an alternative subculture. Even if both have become a little more popular over recent years! But, like traditional tattoos, sticking to true design classics means that you will never go out of style.

My (and the other) boots were limited edition and sold out quickly in most places but if you’re lucky, you might turn a pair up on eBay.