From Israel to Leeds

A little while ago (or back in the mists of time as it feels after this long year), a customer travelled halfway across the world for a tattoo with me. I recently realised that I never actually wrote about it, so now felt like as good a time as any.

For those that may have missed it, I had a feature in the World Atlas of Tattoo. Published in 2015, it’s half history book, covering the evolution of tattooing from indigenous people to modern techniques, and half a manual for finding the very best modern tattooists across the globe. I was honoured to be involved, and my feature has led a number of new customers to seek me out for tattoos.

One of the most notable was [first name], who travelled all the way from Tel Aviv to get tattooed by me. Well, sort of…

He was actually on a business trip to Berlin at the time. Visiting an art gallery, he came across a copy of the World Atlas of Tattoo, and specifically the pages featuring me.

He was drawn to my parrot tattoo in the book and asked me to create something similar. Here’s what I designed.

Meeting customers who’ve travelled from overseas really does fill me with pride – not that my home-grown ones don’t! But I’m always grateful to anyone who’s come a long way to get tattooed.

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