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Chris is committed to the lineages and traditions of the art-form, understanding that traditions and tropes exist for a reason, particularly in tattooing – these classic techniques and designs are timeless; they work well on the skin, look better with age, and will remain a thing of beauty forever. 

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Japanese Tattooing

Unlike Western tattooing, whose associations and symbols have changed from town to town, from ship to ship, and from decade to decade, Japanese tattooing (like the woodblock prints whose style they mirror) is heavily codified, drawing on the legends of the Floating World – Edo period Japan in the 17th and 18th centuries. The precise structure and iconography of Japanese tattooing is thus tightly linked to the stories and myths, and it is crucial for authentic Japanese tattooing that the artist know and understand the deep, complex and subtle interrelationships between the texts and their depictions.

Horihebi, Chris’ Hori title

Chris is one of only a handful of artists outside Japan to have an authentic Hori title. A Hori title can only be received from a master tattooist who is part of a Japanese lineage and is an acknowledgement of Chris’ passion and commitment to the craft. Chris was given the Hori title, Horihebi, by legendary artist Horikitsune, former student of tattoo master Horiyoshi III of Yokohama.

Dedicated to Authenticity

Many Western tattoo artists do not appreciate these nuances, and thus their work can often be shallow and, to knowledgeable eyes, even outright “wrong”. Chris, by contrast, has studied Japanese print and tattoo culture intensely, and makes frequent trips to Japan, including once alongside his friend Alex Reinke, also known as Horikitsune, an authentically-trained Japanese tattoo master.

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